Wrigley Clock

I had some work to do at the Wrigley Building this weekend.  I was there with other groups from IT and around dinner time we ordered in pizza.  I’ve never worked in the 410 building so it’s always cool to see different parts of it.  This time I got to see the 18th floor, which is essentially the top floor.  It’s a floor that you can only get to from an internal elevator.  There is an employee break room up there along wth a magnificent view of Michigan Ave.  I took this picture from an 18th floor window.


Ready for Wall St.

I dabble in the market, nothing huge, but it’s exciting to be involved.  For me it’s like poker; if I don’t have money in a game then the game is boring.  And like poker the way we keep score is by counting our stacks.  It kinda sounds like I’m only involved in the market for the gambling high.  The ends justifies the means, yes?

I have been following BPZ Resources for a couple months and have watched it push higher and higher.  I finally convinced myself that the longer I wait the more I stand to lose.  So today I bought.  I originally planned to buy $5000 worth but chickened out and only invested $2500.  I bought at 10:36am.  At $19.95, it was trading below it’s opening and again I reasoned that I was in for the long-term so now was as good a time as any to buy.  Just before 11am the stock really started to move.  See for yourself.  I realize I won’t be quitting Wrigley and moving to NYC anytime soon but it’s nice to pick a winner just like it’s beautiful when you hold a pair of rags and flop a monster.

How to turn $900 into $400

Last Friday was a company wide day off.  Since most of my friends would be working, I decided to head to Gary, IN for some long overdue poker.  I took $500, looking to play either 200 or 500 max no-limit hold’em. 

After a short 30 minute drive, I arrived at the Majestic Star.  This was slightly confusing since the last time I was there it was called Trump.  No worries though.  The casino had not changed much, same shitty tables, same uncomfortable seats, even the same staff.  It was about noon and I was able to get a seat, without wait, at a 500 max table.  I was slightly uncomfortable sitting down at my old limit but I figured, although I hadn’t played in a while, I still “had it.”  I forgot one thing about playing live though, not only must you “have it” you still need to get the cards.

The main difference between live and online poker is that when playing live people get antsy.  It’s difficult to fold 90% of your hands, waiting to play premium starting hands.  When playing online, players are doing other things (i.e. working, surfing porn, etc.) while waiting for strong hole cards.  To make a long story short, and to save you all from bad beat stories, at 9pm I finally pushed myself away from the table and headed for the door nearly $900 lighter.

I hate driving home after a night of losing poker.  It’s impossible to avoid replaying every losing hand.  Maybe it actually helps to reflect but it sure doesn’t make me any richer.  Well since I was so rusty at the poker table I decided to return to online poker to improve my game.  I started with $100 at PokerStars and vowed to build that into $1000.  It’s been a week now and I’m at nearly $400, on track to building a decent bank roll and restoring my confidence.  And with two new poker books on the way from Amazon.com I should be back in top form in no time at all.

Thanks CNET

I’m in San Francisco for a training class.  I arrived today and decided to go on a short walk to find a place to grab Dinner.  I stumbled upon a Spanish restaurant/brewery called Thirsty Bear.  It looked interesting so I stopped in.

I sampled a Belgian beer and a “strong” IPA.  Both beers were brewed on-site and average at best.  It’s times like these that I miss Portland the most; give me a good Rogue or Deschutes brewery beer any day of the week.

Luckily for Wrigley, I’m staying right next door to CNET Networks which offers free WiFi access to the public.  If San Francisco is anything, it’s certainly progressive when it comes to the Internet and technology.

Best blog ever… unless you are white.



#75 Threatening to Move to Canada – All white Democrats say this when Bush is mentioned

#73 Gentrification – Damn white people ran up the condo prices in Bucktown/Wicker Park

#67 Standing Still at Concerts – This one isn’t even debatable

#65 Co-Ed Sports – Co-Ed sports is a religion during Chicago summers

#35 The Daily Show/Colbert Report – Redgay

#33 Marijuana – Half of my white fraternity brothers

#31 Snowboarding – One word… Whistler.

#30 Wrigley Field – Cuz all the minorities live on the South Side

#4 Assists – Stockton, Hornacek, Tim Burr

Papa John’s Field

I just know that’s the blasphemous name Wrigley Field will bear once Zell sells off the naming rights to the baseball field that everyone assumes I work for.  I’m sure some corporation will buy the naming rights but I certainly hope said corporation doesn’t expect to do business on the north side of Chitown.  Chicagoans are a stubborn bunch and sales of Papa John’s pizza will surely plummet within a 25 mile radius of Clark and Addison.  However, if Wrigley Field is to be renamed you can be sure there will be one spectacular night of drinking in Wrigleyville on the eve of doomsday.  Damn you Papa John’s!


That’s the new sales tax rate in Cook County, which contains Chicago.  The 1% increase was “approved” by the most corrupt city government in the Nation.  Chicago’s tax rate eclipses LA (8.25%) and NYC (8.375%) and just about ensures I won’t live in Chicago forever.  If Chicago somehow figures out a way to tax Internet purchases – a problem I’m sure they’re working around the clock to solve – I’ll be giving my notice, packing my car, and promptly returning to Portland.  I’ll gladly trade 155 days of rain a year for anymore ridiculous tax rate hikes.