Rain? Only when I’m in town.


Not gonna lie, I think I shit myself.

After opening with a loss to perenial basement dweller Stanford then following that performance with an Ike Turner beating in Happy Valley, Oregon State somehow managed to slay Goliath, USC.  I won’t try to recap the madness since I can’t even imagine the insanity on-field as the clock struck :00.  But I will offer this little nugget below.  You stay classy Oregon State.

See below, in case you can’t read the enlarged fan sign or have no idea who it’s referencing.


I’m an idiot

Last weekend I was in Denver for a bachelor party.  The party included all of the requirements such as, $100 steak dinner, pilgrimage to strip club, way too much drinking, and even a 100m sprint at 3am in the morning.  When I arrived at the airport on Sunday to leave, I realized that I had somehow booked a flight for Monday.  Looking back, I realize now why the last minute plane ticket was so cheap.  Anywho, I was forced to pay a $150 change fee and catch a flight through Sioux Falls, SD.  At least I wasn’t hungover during my nearly 6 hour return trip (delays and layovers included).

Side note:  Apparently during one of the nights in Denver, I stopped to ask a police officer a question.

Me: “Do you know where I can go to meet some new people at this time of the night?”

Officer: “Yeah, De-tox.”

Me: “Oh yeah?  Where’s that?”

Officer: “11th and Colorado.”

Silly me, I thought it was the name of a club.

‘Hacked’ sounds so nefarious

The media reports that Sarah Palin’s email account has been “hacked.”  When I hear the word “hacked” it conjures up images of The Matrix or Swordfish.  But in reality, I suspect this “hack” was much simpler.  If I were a betting man – and I am – I would guess that Sarah Palin used an easily-guessable password like a dictionary word.  Time to change your password to something like 8npR1iuJPh.

College is expensive

I realize this is going to make me sound much older than I am but when did textbooks become so expensive?!

I’m taking two 4 credit graduate courses at DePaul and tuition is $5000.  If I remember correctly, I spent  $15,000 for an entire 5-year undergrad education.  I understand Graduate school is more expensiv and my undergrad was 7 years ago but it’s amazing that only one year of graduate school is equal to five at Oregon State.

Here’s what ~300 buys at the DePaul bookstore.

Back to School

It’s official.  I just registered for two classes at DePaul towards an M.S. in Information Systems.  Wrigley has a generous education assistance plan that I’m taking full advantage of it.  I haven’t been in a weekly class since 2001, and even then I was barely attending “weekly.”  At the ripe age of 30, hopefully I’ll be a little more focused than I was in undergrad.  There’s no Sigma Pi chapter at DePaul so I got that going for me.