Best SPAM ever

This SPAM email is just too good not to share.  Is Tracy Jordan writing SPAM copy now?



I destroy companies

Well we – and by we I mean H8R and I – knew it was only a matter of time before another of my previous employers went completely tits up.  My second job out of college was at DIRECTV Broadband and about a year and a half into my employment, while I was vacationing in Mazatlan, DIRECTV opted to close the Broadband (i.e. ISP) division of the company and laid everyone off.

I just got word that Metro One, which was once a billion dollar company, has finally closed it’s door.  I’m glad, two down four to go.  It was sad like when you hear of that one person trying to complete a marathon and it’s been over 11 hours and they still aren’t done, I mean come on, just give up and train harder next time.  This guy is cool though.


Two concerts, too much Red Bull

I go to concerts fairly frequently.  I’m game for all types of music.  However, I’m usually on the sides of the venue, near the bar, drinking and enjoying the music.  Last night was slightly different.  RBVs + Devil music = Moshing.

It’s been a long time since I’ve really gotten involved in the music; I think crowd surfing at Matchbox 20 in the late 90s, was the last (and that’s a whole other story itself).  A few songs into Combichrist’s set, I couldn’t take it anymore.  I removed my jacket, handed it to Tapson, and headed straight to the pit to throw some bows.  I lasted about two songs then I thought my lungs were going to explode.  I realized that if my 30 year old ass didn’t take a break, I might go into cardiac arrest.  I try to keep track of the top concerts of my life and while Daft Punk is still the undisputed champ, Combichrist is a worthy contender.

And due to a visa snafu, after Combichrist I headed to the second concert of the night: Lady Sovereign.  The Lady Sov show was much more chill than the previous but what really made the night was this pic.  After the show, everyone was mobbing her trying to get a picture, it was absolute chaos.  I have no idea how I made it to middle of this mob but I do remember grabbing her around the waste like I owned her and then Liz (I think it was Liz) snapped this most awesome pic with Tapson’s iPhone.  And anyone who has tried taking a picture indoors with an iPhone knows how they normally come out blurry due to camera shake.  Perfect ending to a great night.