How to turn $900 into $400

Last Friday was a company wide day off.  Since most of my friends would be working, I decided to head to Gary, IN for some long overdue poker.  I took $500, looking to play either 200 or 500 max no-limit hold’em. 

After a short 30 minute drive, I arrived at the Majestic Star.  This was slightly confusing since the last time I was there it was called Trump.  No worries though.  The casino had not changed much, same shitty tables, same uncomfortable seats, even the same staff.  It was about noon and I was able to get a seat, without wait, at a 500 max table.  I was slightly uncomfortable sitting down at my old limit but I figured, although I hadn’t played in a while, I still “had it.”  I forgot one thing about playing live though, not only must you “have it” you still need to get the cards.

The main difference between live and online poker is that when playing live people get antsy.  It’s difficult to fold 90% of your hands, waiting to play premium starting hands.  When playing online, players are doing other things (i.e. working, surfing porn, etc.) while waiting for strong hole cards.  To make a long story short, and to save you all from bad beat stories, at 9pm I finally pushed myself away from the table and headed for the door nearly $900 lighter.

I hate driving home after a night of losing poker.  It’s impossible to avoid replaying every losing hand.  Maybe it actually helps to reflect but it sure doesn’t make me any richer.  Well since I was so rusty at the poker table I decided to return to online poker to improve my game.  I started with $100 at PokerStars and vowed to build that into $1000.  It’s been a week now and I’m at nearly $400, on track to building a decent bank roll and restoring my confidence.  And with two new poker books on the way from I should be back in top form in no time at all.


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