Photo Finish

When I was younger, my dad would often take me to the horsetrack.  I suspect this is where I first experienced the thrill of gambling – which later led to a poker addiction – but I digress.  In all our trips to the track I never once had the pleasure of seeing this.



Studying for the GMAT is a soul crushing experience, though not nearly as soul crushing as the LSAT, but I’m sadistic and I’ve decided that I shouldn’t leave this earth without enjoying both of these horrible standardized tests.  The worst part is that I only plan to apply to B-school if my GMAT score is 650+, which is unlikely since scores near 700 approach the 90th percentile.  But even if I don’t go to business school I still plan to get my MBA… Masters of Beer Apprecation.

Below is my Masters of Beer Appreciation card from Goose Island Brewery, which is located just north of the Wrigley campus.  Once you’ve tasted all their seasonals, reserves, and year-round beers the brewery will place your name on a plaque and serve you beer in your very own Goose Island mug.

Citizen Journalism

Recently, I’ve been looking to purchase a new digital camera. Mine is a 3-megapixel that is about six years old. It’s not necessarily past it’s useful life but there are much higher quality and, most importantly, much slimmer cameras available for relatively cheap.

However, when I was touring the United Center I realized that I rarely have my digital camera with me. Sure, if I’m on vacation or going to a planned event I’ll bring it but otherwise I’m without. What about my camera phone? Well, that’s what I often capture spontaneous events with but at 1-megapixel the pictures lack detail and require context. So lately, I’ve been researching high-quality camera phones. Essentially, I’d like a digital camera with phone capabilities instead of the reverse.

The leader in camera phone innovation seems to be Sony Ericsson with their Cyber-shot lines of phones. While reviewing the various models, I was intrigued to learn of a service called Scoopt. Scoopt allows you to send your camera phone pictures – or any digital picture – to their website for possible publishing. If they are able to sell your picture they give you a cut of the royalties. While I’m certainly not considering a career change as a pap, I do think this type of service will spawn all sorts of relevant and incredible images. In fact, during coverage of the recent school shooting at NIU, the local news outlet was broadcasting video captured from a cell phone within hours of the shooting. Imagine if everyone with a camera phone used a service similar to Scoopt. I won’t lecture about the implications to privacy, or other possible concerns, but I will comment that I view Scoopt as exciting and an inevitable evolution of journalism in an era dominated by “the Internets.”

Rats and Bulls

Today, two of my colleagues and I attended an event hosted by Checkpoint.  The event was held at the United Center.  After the informational/sales sessions we were offered a tour of the facilities.  But before we left for the event, I found a rat sleeping – or maybe dying from the cold – directly behind the wheel of my car.  Notice the snowball next to him.  That’s how we initially tried to get him to move.  That barely made him flinch and I eventually pulled a shovel from the trunk and shoveled him on his way.


Right now, it wouldn’t surprise me if I saw Emperor Penguins waddling down the sidewalk.  That’s how cold it is in Chicago.  It’s so cold that when I tried to change the radio in my car, I realized the preset buttons had frozen!  Seriously, that’s just ridiculous.

“Thanks for the music, mutherfucker!!”

That is a quote from a really loud Goth chick, yelling behind me, at the Marilyn Manson concert earlier this week.  I hadn’t seen Manson in nearly five years so I was stoked to see him again.  However, the anticipation didn’t match the actual event.  It’s not that I don’t like his music anymore but he just didn’t seem as relevant.  Probably because he isn’t.  Most of the performance was filled with old hits and stunts I’d seen him do on stage multiple times.  I kinda felt like my Dad attending a Creedence Clearwater Revisited concert.  Like maybe it’s time to hang up the eye makeup and the-world-hates-me-I’m-all-alone attitude.  Ok, I never really was that kid but you could definitely spot a few dozen of them at the show.  To top it all off, Manson was the only original band member on stage, although I hear Twiggy has rejoined the band and that alone is reason enough to catch their next tour.

Anywho, here are some crappy camera phone pics.


Last Saturday, Stacy and I saw Daniel Tosh at the Lakeshore Theater in Chicago.  I had originally planned to see him in Portland with Josh, last Fall, but I wasn’t able to work out a reasonable flight.  When I heard he would be in Chicago I bought tickets immediately.  It was good thing I did since the show we attended was sold out.  The theater even added another showing after ours, which also sold out.

We got to the venue before the doors opened at 6pm and waited in line outside.  The show didn’t start untill 7pm but our early arrival was rewarded with front row seats.  I sat there squirming with excitement – think tween at a Hannah Montana concert.  By the time Tosh took the stage I was out of beer and needed to pee but there was no way I was missing any of his set.  After the concert we took a picture with him and I dribbled a few words about how I talked to him over the phone after his Portland show.  He was confused and I was too starstruck to explain.