Dachau Concentration Camp

Although I spent a couple weeks in Munich and Unterhaching when I worked for Wrigley, I didn’t take the time to do any historical sightseeing. This time I did. We went to Dachau, which was the first Nazi concentration camp.

Entrance to Dachau. The prison camp is through the gates.

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Studying in Reutlingen, Germany

Plane from Barcelona to Stuttgart and then a taxi to Reutlingen.

Reutlingen is in region known as Swabia. We kept hearing jokes about Swabian people and their culture. Not harsh jokes but ones like I make about Portland and our hipster culture. My favorite was, “Swabian people’s hobby is: saving money.”

There’s not much going on in Reutlingen and the University isn’t very large. Similarly, our hostel-like accommodations weren’t much either but at least they were larger than our shoe-box in Barcelona.

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In search of paella

Todd and I were on a quest to find the best paella in Barcelona. We found Can Majo, in Barceloneta, and it did not disappoint.

Excellent wine recommendation from our waiter.

Main course of paella.

And polished off with dessert.

On the walk back from the restaurant we spotted this insane dude. Actually, it was a street performer, of which there are many on La Rambla.

Small but it will do

What does nearly 200 euro a night get you if you want to be close to La Rambla? Not much.

Talk about close quarters.

It had a bidet.

But most importantly, it was close to La Rambla – the cross street in the picture – and that’s all that mattered.

First Stop, Barcelona

To make the most of all day flying, we* decided to take a few days of pure vacation in Barcelona before starting school. It was a much needed break since we had just finished Spring term finals.

We took the bus from the airport (BCN) to Plaza de Catalunya which a main square in Barcelona and connects many main streets including La Rambla, where our hotel was.

After checking in to our hotel we headed straight to the nearest bar with good people watching in Plaza Reial.

Daniel and a giant sangria.

*We = Todd and Daniel, fellow weary travelers who were also studying abroad