What it feels like…

To be an Oregon State Beaver fan.



C minus

It’s been a long time since I’ve prayed for a C- but that’s what I’m doing tonight after taking my first final at DePaul.  It feels eerily similiar to Spring term my first year at Oregon State.  At that time, I believed I could pass CS courses while drinking heavily four nights a week.  The only difference now is that I only drank one night a week and I actually committed to learning the material.  I guess 19 year old Fred, was wise beyond his years when he changed majors from Computer Science to Business.  And maybe history really does repeat itself, because I vow to never take a CS class again!

Market Woes

Like everyone else in America, my 401k has been decimated and my personal stock accounts are in even worse condition.  Sometimes I like to commisserate with other people who aren’t doing so well in this economy.  Below is Chika’s prediction of where the stock market is headed tomorrow.


You win Chicago!

After receiving 14 citaitons for having tinted windows, I finally succumbed to the unrelenting ticketing.  With the City of Chicago experiencing budget shortfalls, the meter maids have been putting in overtime.  I’ve received citations as early as 2am and as late as 10pm.  Who the hell is writing tickets at this time of night?  I’m pretty sure they must work on commission.

Et tu, Brute?

1996 – Bob Dole

2000 – George W. Bush

2004 – George W. Bush

2008 – Barack Obama??

Something is seriously wrong with that pattern and the implication is true.  Although I am staunch Republican, and have been since devouring “See, I Told You So” by Rush Limbaugh at age 16, this is the first election year I could not, in good conscience, vote Republican.  Yes, I could have voted Republican and kept my pristine record, knowing that Illinois would go Obama no matter what, I decided it was necessary to choose the best ticket.  Notice the emphasis.  That should provide insight into my dissatisfaction with the GOP.

But also, it was extremely hard to resist grassroots efforts like below; I’m such a pig. 😉