Live TV

Anyone who’s farmiliar with Chicago, knows that the local NBC affilate frequently broadcasts live “on the plaza.”  Coincidentally, “The Plaza” is located directly across the street from Wrigley’s corporate headquarters.  Usually, I only see tourists waving their hands and smiling like idiots as Ginger Zee forecasts the current weather conditions but during today’s broadcast I caught this little gem.

No Sleep Till…

…tonight, hopefully.

I was up untill about 2:30am last night, at which time I forced myself to lay down in bed.  After about two solid hours of tossing and turning and feeling wide awake, I got up and read for a couple hours.  I then tried again to lay down and get some shut-eye.  No go.  It’s 6am Chicago time and I’m about to log into my computer and start the work day.  Luckily, I’m working from home the rest of this week.

No Oxy!

I’m out of surgery and recovering at home.  The doc said that he removed scar tissue and cartilage during the procedure.  Only downside to the day is that I was looking forward to the wonderful, peace inducing drug Oxycontin.  But apparently my surgery didn’t warrant such a powerful prescription.  And to be honest, I probably don’t need Oxy as my pain isn’t nearly as severe compared to my ACL surgery.

Slow going

I realize I haven’t posted recently but I haven’t had any interesting pictures to share or entertaining stories to recount.  But before my blog goes completely stale and I lose all seven readers I have, I decided I should post a short update.

I go in for surgery this Wed to have scar tissue removed from my prior surgery.  Unlike most people, I am so looking forward to this surgery.  I have been frustrated with a bothersome knee for over a year now and I anxious to have a fully healed knee.  Bring on the Oxy!

I’m supposed to travel to New York this Sunday for a short work trip.  We’ll see how my recovery goes.  I may have to cancel.

I’ll be in Oregon next Wed thru Sat for Deaver’s wedding.  I won’t have much time to see anyone other than those attending the wedding.  I just hope the weather is better than the sauna-like humidity we are experiencing in Chicago.