3rd time’s a charm

In 2007, I had my ACL reconstructed in my right knee.  A year later, in 2008, I was still having pain so my doc went in and removed meniscus and scar tissue.  Last Tuesday, I had a third – and hopefully final – scope to remove more scar tissue and junk that had built up under my knee cap and was causing pain.  Although it looks pretty beat up, it doesn’t hurt much.  The doc said, other than the scar tissue, that my joint and ACL looked good.  Let’s hope this is the last time I see Dr. Hefferon in an operating room.


Hawaii 2k9: Day 2

After sleeping late and getting my fill of College Football, we headed to Hapuna Beach for some much needed Sun.  Apparently, I spent most of the time drinking since the only picture of me without a Corona in hand was during my attempts at a back handspring.  We watched the Sun set which was a perfect ending to a relaxing day.

What would you do with 1 million dollars?

I’d pet it.

That’s me posing next to Apple; she represents 1 million dollars worth of genetically superior dairy cow.  Apple is owned by Todd’s dad Mike and since Todd was going to be in Madison for the World Dairy Expo, Margo and I decided to make the 2.5 hour trip from Chicago.

We arrived late into Madison and most of the expo and judging was already over, which was fine with me since I was really only there to throw back a few beers with Deaver.  As farmers were tearing down displays and loading their cows back into trailers, Margo and I walked around the barns while we waited for Todd.  Margo was clearly in her element since her family has owned cows and other farm animals.  I on the other hand looked out of place as I tiptoed around piles of crap and looked for photo ops like this one.

Margo commented on how much some of these cows were probably worth.  I told her that Todd’s dad owned one worth one million.  She looked at me stunned then said, “He must be really high up in this business.”  I never gave much thought to all Todd’s cow travels during college but Margo’s assumption now had me wondering.

We met up with Todd and roamed some more as he tried to explain the intricacies of the dairy cow industry.  It seemed as though everyone knew Todd.  People then began to migrate from the barns, on the Alliant Energy Center grounds, to the nearby Sheraton banquet center for the after party.  Walking into the Sheraton was like traveling back in time to Mafia Wedding at Sigma Pi’s, minus the wedding ceremony.  It was absolute debauchery.  People grinding on each other to played out rap beats and country tunes.  Dudes taking off their shirts.  Women wearing tight cowgirl pants and dropping it like it was hot.  But the most surprising discovery of the night was Todd’s family lineage.  “This is Todd, Mike’s son,” is how I overheard Todd introduced to someone else.  Todd and his dad are like mini-celebrities in this biz. 

Who would have thought that, in the world of dairy cows, Todd is royalty?