View from Nowhere.

I’m sitting in our disaster recovery facility trying to keep awake and pass the time as I wait for other team members to complete their portions of our semi-annual test.  A disaster recovery test is similiar to a fire drill only replace people with computers.  We are “practicing” restoring operations to a different facility, simulating an unrecoverable disaster to our main computing center.  My team has limited involvment but our presence is necessary.  I took this picture from outside the data center.  Yes, it is as barren as the picture depicts.


Pouring salt in the wound.

Never buy a car that was driven in the Midwest.

I’m pretty sure the salt has accelerated the corrosion of my brakes and apparently, salt eats through a paint job like a fat kid at a buffet.  And there’s no point in washing my car since a snow plow will inevitably drive by and shove grime, snow, and salt against my door within 24 hours.  Will someone please invent the George Jetson car/briefcase?

Who doesn’t get MLK off?

I don’t, that’s who.

This past Monday I was sound asleep when my work cell phone rang at around 9:30am.  It was a coworker calling to see if I was coming in or if I had requested the day off.  This obviously came as a surprise.  Since when do you need to request a national holiday off?

Well according to the company holiday schedule, MLK is not an observed holiday.  Over the course of five post-college jobs I’ve never been employed by a company that didn’t observe MLK.  Luckily, I wasn’t fired.  Unfortunately, I did have to wake up and go to work.


Since I travel by air for the holidays, I normally request small gifts or gift certificates which are much easier to fly back with.  I had gift certificates to Macy’s and decided I needed a watch.  Something humble and conservative, nothing too flashy.