Studying in Reutlingen, Germany

Plane from Barcelona to Stuttgart and then a taxi to Reutlingen.

Reutlingen is in region known as Swabia. We kept hearing jokes about Swabian people and their culture. Not harsh jokes but ones like I make about Portland and our hipster culture. My favorite was, “Swabian people’s hobby is: saving money.”

There’s not much going on in Reutlingen and the University isn’t very large. Similarly, our hostel-like accommodations weren’t much either but at least they were larger than our shoe-box in Barcelona.

This was my view most of the days when we were in class. Todd looks ultra-intrigued but I think Daniel is playing on his phone.

When we weren’t in class we visiting companies (Daimler, Karcher, Bosch, and Ritter Sport) and hearing real-world examples about how they were implementing the concepts we were learning. Specifically, the study abroad curriculum was around Innovation, Lean Management, and Green/Sustainability.

The Germany Study Abroad class and professors.

And when we weren’t in class, visiting companies, or doing homework, we drank a lot of this:

And ate a lot of things covered in gravy. From what I gather, Germans love gravy.

And they love pretzels.


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