Munich 2007

I uploaded more pictures from my trip, last year, to Germany. They are mostly boring tourist pics but there are a few of me getting hammered with some dudes I met and bar crawled with.


Guns ‘n’ Poker

It’s hard to constrain my excitement right now.  The Supreme Court just ruled that D.C.’s “sweeping ban on handguns in the nation’s capital violated the Second Amendment right to bear arms.”  This doesn’t mean that I can register my gun tomorrow, with the State of Illinois, but it’s only a matter of time.  According to local experts, Chicago’s ban will be challenged and likely overturned.  After the Government took Internet poker away from me I lost faith in our system.  Today that faith was greatly restored.

Back to the drawing, er cutting table.

About a year ago I had my ACL reconstructed and initially my recovery and rehab went well.  But it’s now been 14 months and I still have nagging pain when I run or travel down stairs.  After more rehab, doc visits, and an MRI, I’ll be heading back to the cutting room.  Doc says I have scar tissue that needs to be removed.  The surgery is scheduled for July 23rd and the doc claims I’ll be good as new a few weeks after.  I hope he’s right.

I’ll be seeing Nate this weekend in Vegas.  He’s definitely getting a piece of my mind and possibly a surgery bill.

Pseudo names

I think it’s common practice for Chinese employees working for American companies to use pseudo names.  My colleague in China goes by Archer while his birth name is Wenliang.  I suspect it’s common for other parts of the World as well (i.e. India – correct me if I’m wrong Deaver).  Most Chinese people I’ve interacted with use fairly farmiliar American names but I came across one today that certainly won’t be cracking the Top 10 baby names list very soon: Jelly.

I started wondering what I might re-name myself.  Blanket?  No, Michael Jackson beat me to that name.  Toaster, maybe?  Seriously, I wouldn’t be able to control myself if I had to answer the phone.  Or I can steal an idea from Daniel Tosh and name myself Thisishowcanihelpyou.  Here’s how it would play out.

Phone rings.

Me: This is Thisishowcanihelpyou how can I help you?

[Note: I’m guessing that went over like a fart in church.  Listen to Daniel Tosh – True Stories I Made Up.  Then It will be funny.]

Please Wipe

As computer security professional, I have an uncommon perspective on privacy.  Most people assume privacy is something that only pertains to their home or other similarly protected areas.  However, I don’t know anyone famous enough to warrant paps lurking around their home.  What most people should be concerned with, is their privacy as it relates to their data.  I’m not going to lecture about how to stay secure, protect your online identity, or encrypt your data but I will offer one tip: Please Wipe.

When you sell your old computer, wipe your hard drive.  When you sell your old cell phone, wipe your phone memory/card.  There is a huge difference between simply deleting a file and securely wiping it.  Most computer users have no idea of the difference or even care for that matter.  But know that there are many individuals that seek out other peoples data, mostly out of curiosity (“I wonder what’s on this?”) but sometimes for financial gain (bank account numbers, passwords, etc.).

I recently purchased a used cell phone off eBay.  When I received the phone, the previous owner had done a decent job of deleting contacts and messages but still left some data behind.

It’s acceptable to wear sunglasses inside, only if you are Jack Nicholson.

Guess this video explains the makeup on the keypad.


Anyone who knows me, knows that one of my life goals is to appear on a reality television show.  A few years ago it was Survivor, more recently American Gladiators or Wife Swap – I realize I’m not married but I’d totally fake it to have some polar opposite person move in and experience all the shenanigans that would ensue – but currently, I’m most likely a candidate for Intervention.

I am completely and utterly addicted to Coke Zero or, as H8R refers to it, Crack Zero.  I can easily go through a 1-liter in two days, sometimes I kill the entire thing in a night.  I find myself sneaking drinks during the day and especially in the evening.  I experience feelings of depression when I don’t have Crack Zero coursing through my body but as soon as I get a taste I become lively, alert, and generally euphoric.  However, if confronted with a choice between my family and friends or Crack Zero, the choice would be simple: Crack Zero.


I have a webcam which I purchased awhile back. I used it with Skype while I was in Munich to chat with Stacy back home. Since then I haven’t really used it much but I was bored recently and decided to play around with it. Since my air conditioning was on the fritz and I knew my landlord was sending someone to fix it, I decided to set up a sting operation. I used Dorgem as the motion detector/capture application, to host the video, and Vegas Pro 8 to create it.  The video isn’t that exciting but I’m hoping to capture something more interesting soon.