Ready for Wall St.

I dabble in the market, nothing huge, but it’s exciting to be involved.  For me it’s like poker; if I don’t have money in a game then the game is boring.  And like poker the way we keep score is by counting our stacks.  It kinda sounds like I’m only involved in the market for the gambling high.  The ends justifies the means, yes?

I have been following BPZ Resources for a couple months and have watched it push higher and higher.  I finally convinced myself that the longer I wait the more I stand to lose.  So today I bought.  I originally planned to buy $5000 worth but chickened out and only invested $2500.  I bought at 10:36am.  At $19.95, it was trading below it’s opening and again I reasoned that I was in for the long-term so now was as good a time as any to buy.  Just before 11am the stock really started to move.  See for yourself.  I realize I won’t be quitting Wrigley and moving to NYC anytime soon but it’s nice to pick a winner just like it’s beautiful when you hold a pair of rags and flop a monster.


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