Florida 2009: Day 2

May 21

Rising at the crack of noon, I dusted off the cobwebs and tried not to think about the beating my wallet took the night before.  A quick brush of the teeth and a change into swim trunks, I was off to the beach which was directly behind our condo.  I wish pictures displayed the temperature because it’s hard to describe how hot the Sun can be in Florida.  I was hiding under this umbrella after a couple of hours.  The girls, not so much.

After our Sun filled day, we met up with Amy’s friend, Jen, for dinner… and Tequila.  I’m Mexican yet I’m the only one who looks like they are praying they won’t puke.  The night ended with clubbing at Rok Bar (where I decided I wanted to be a DJ) and Mokai (where I nearly offered some Dutch guy $100 for this shirt) which lightened my wallet another $200.  I believe all clubs in South Beach are colluding.  Seriously, twelve dollars a drink is not market price.


Florida 2009: Day 1

I know it’s been a whille since I’ve posted but not a whole lot interesting has been happening.  Additionally, I was sucked into Facebook and found less reasons to write long blog posts.  But last week I, along with Amy and Jamie, did a whirlwind tour of Southern Florida.  I’ll try to recapture each day of the trip but mind you most of the time I was slightly intoxicated by both the Sun and alcohol.

May 20

I arrived at MIA a half hour late around 10pm.  By this time my partners in crime were waiting at Hertz with the rental car.  Amy met me as I deboarded the Hertz shuttle and pointed to this car.  She said, “We rented this Ferrari.”  Women.

Less than half an hour later we were in SoBe (South Beach).  Hungry from our flights we headed walked down Ocean Drive in search of dinner.  For no other reason than indecision and random chance we landed at Fox Cafe.  We were the definition of gullible tourists after we received this beauty of a bill.  Additionally, they promised a 20% discount which we had to “remind” the waitress of.  So the original bill was over $240!   I suppose this is the price of admission for the entertainment which happened directly in front of our table, which was outside on the sidewalk.

Ocean Drive is the definition of ghetto.  Cars like this cruise up and down the streets as tourists on rented scooters weave in and out of the slowly moving traffic.  We were fortunate enough to witness a stupid, probably drunk, scooter operator rear end a cab.  He slammed into the cab hard enough that he was knocked off the scooter and left a huge dent in the bumper of the cab.  Did he exchange insurance with the cabbie?  Hell no, he and his friends sped off into the night.  I just wish I had a picture of it.

After being taken at the Fox Cafe for 212 dollars we decided to get our drink on back at the condo.  We stopped at a little convenience store for some cheap snacks and beer.  However, nothing is “cheap” in SoBe.  Eight beers and some snacks set us back $45.  Awesome.