Move to Chicago and kiss your pristine bumpers goodbye.

One thing you’ll notice about cars in Chicago, is that many of them have dented and/or scratched bumpers.  This is a direct result of frequently parking their car on crowded side streets.  Parking in my Lincoln Park averages $200/month.  And since I’d rather have $200 extra to blow at the bar, I drive around with ghetto looking bumpers.  I realized today just how desensitized I have become to hitting cars as I Austin-Powered myself into a tight parking spot.

I noticed a person sitting in the car as I pulled up along side to parallel park.  She must have thought my spatial perception was off since there was no way my car was going to fit in the spot, at least not without hitting both her car and the one behind me.  I slowly backed in and shook the car behind me.  I then cranked the wheel and pulled forward, hitting her car.  She wised up and pulled her car forward, a foot or so, after that.  Not wise to play parallel park chicken with someone who’s been parking on Chicago streets for 4+ years.