Chicago cold Vs. Portland cold

Below is a screenshot of the forecast in Portland this week, as reported by the local newspaper The Oregonian.  Notice the lows in the mid-20s being described as “very cold.”


And here’s the forecast from The Tribune.  Notice the lows in the teens are described as moderate.


In Chicago, we don’t throw “very cold” around willy-nilly, you gotta earn it.  Although, I do like how they soften the blow by prefacing with “mainly sunny but… ”



Chance of snow showers

My flight is scheduled for Thursday evening.  The forecast predicts a “chance of snow showers.”  Only problem is that’s the forecast in both Chicago and Portland.  Hmmm, I’m not a math major but if there is a 60% chance of snow in both Chicago and Portland, that means there is a 120% chance my plane ain’t leaving the runway.  Anyone ever been stranded at O’Hare?  I’d rather open up a vein.

Home for the Holidays

I know things have been stale at theCOF but once again things haven’t been that busy.  

I received my grades for the Fall term and, low and behold, I’m smarter than I thought I was.  I got an A and a B+.  Not too shabby.  Winter term should be a little less time consuming.  I’m not taking any programming courses which will be nice since the during the first two weeks of class I’ll be on a work trip in Guangzhou, China.  I’m hoping to take one of the weekends while I’m there to visit Hong Kong and maybe even do some gambling in Macau.

I’ll be back in Portland this Thursday evening through December 28th and hope to see as many people as possible.