Breakups are hard

I think breakups are always hard.  Frequently, you see the end coming.  And often you’ve already moved on before officially ending it.  I recently ended a 5+ year relationship with…


I’ve been loyal to Rhapsody ever since my two-week trial subscription in June of 2004.  Being in the IT industry, I spend 90% of my day staring at a computer screen and there is only so much Top 40 radio and cheesy morning shows a person can stand.  For under $15/month, Rhapsody  provided 6+ million songs and the ability to peruse to my hearts content.  The only real issue was that Rhapsody was incompatible with my iPod.  After my car was broken into and my backpack was stolen (work laptop, external hd, iPod, and Passport gone) I quickly began researching which MP3 player would replace my iPod 5G. I carefully weighed the options: iPod Classic 160GB, iPod Touch 32GB, or Zune HD 32GB.  It essentially came down to the gorgeous display on the Zune HD and the subscription model offered by Microsoft’s Zune Pass (it didn’t hurt that I’m generally anti-Apple).  In a perfect world Rhapsody’s subscription service would have been compatible with the Zune HD but, for better or worse, Microsoft has decided to tie their subscription music service to their own devices, exclusively.

I’ll miss you Rhapsody and maybe one day – after you’ve realized that you were getting complacent and letting yourself go – we can try this relationship again.  But for now, I’m moving onto something younger, slimmer, and sexier.

P.S. Begging is not a strategy to keep me, have some respect.


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