Young Fredrick is embarrassing

I’ve recently been boning up on my Web Hacking skillz and, while practicing, I decided to search the dark cubby holes of the Internet for references to “Fred Berning”.  Some of you will remember that I used to be Fred in my pre-Chicago years.

I searched for myself on Google Groups.  Google Groups contains an archive of messages posted to old Usenet newsgroups back in the early Internet days.  Newsgroups were kind of like the precursor to blogs, a virtual place where like minded people “met” and exchanged ideas, comments, and arguments with others on a particular topic.

I’m going to risk embarrassing myself to educate others, that the Internet NEVER forgets.

Apparently,  when I was 19 I really liked Mark and Brian and spent time defending them against Howard Stern fans.  At least one other person agreed with me.

I even go so far as to compare the quality of celebrity guests between the competing radio shows.  For the record, I still think #5 is “extremely funny” and I apologize to Corey Feldman.

I’m sure glad Facebook didn’t exist when young Fredrick was roaming the Internets unchaperoned.


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