Empire State

This week, I had a work trip in Mahwah, NJ so I decided to take the opportunity to visit Ben, for a few days, in NYC.

During my last trip to NYC, I saw the inside of some great restaurants and bars but had no interest in being a tourist.  This time, I figured I should at least see a few iconic places before spending the rest of the night drinking.  Only having one full day to sightsee, I chose The Top of The Rock and Central Park.

The observatory deck offered great views of the entire city and the weather was clear and sunny.  From 30 Rock, we walked to Central Park, stopping into St. Pat’s Cathedral (Mom, I looked for bottled Holy Water but didn’t find any), passing by Trump Hotel and into the South End of Central Park.  The Park is amazing and one could easily spend an entire day wandering and still not see it all.  We even experienced the circle of life when I noticed a hawk chowing down on a captured squirrel.  And on the way back home, we ate a couple “franks” at the famous Gray’s Papaya.  Why is it famous?  I don’t know but it was featured in the movie Fools Rush In, which starred Salma Hayek, thus explaining why I ate there.


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