Sin City pilgrimage before sending another lamb to the slaughter

A few months ago, an E2 brother announced his intention to exit the rat race I call dating.  One less Sigma Pi for the single ladies to compete for.  Who am I kidding?  E2’s were never lady killers but at least we weren’t Tekes.

For me, the trip started early Friday.  I arrived at McCarran before 9:30am and, after checking my bags at the Hard Rock, was at the Flamingo poker room by 10:30am.  This is where the trip begins it’s downward spiral.  I confess I’m no professional but I’m far from a beginning poker player yet I could not get anything going.  I consistently turned over the second best hand and had it not been for the free drinks, I would have considered the afternoon a complete failure.  My pockets $300 lighter, I headed back to the Hard Rock to check-in.

In search of some free entertainment, the Bachelor party headed to the pool.  After some sun worshiping and mild drinking, I decided that jumping on the beds was an appropriate activity.  I somehow convinced the Bachelor to join me, which he did, even though he refused to put his drink down.  Later that evening, we enjoyed an excellent dinner at Nobu in the Hard Rock.

Having lost my limit the very first night, I decided to spend the rest of the weekend at the pool.  Rehab was debauchery as per usual but this year the pool appeared more disgusting than normal.  I’d guess the pool holds at least a thousand drunk people and rarely was there a line deeper than 15 people for the bathrooms.  I’ll let you connect the dots.

And for the McKay alumni keeping score, Margo met up on Sunday afternoon since she lives less than two hours from Las Vegas.  I suspect she really came for the pool though.


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