Florida 2009: Day 5

May 24

New day, new beach.  Unfortunately, this one was covered in shells and was not nearly as soft as the previous.  Don’t get me wrong though; I’d still totally rock this beach house.  Given our broken A/C situation we made the decision to stay one last night in Naples, then head to Key West.  I don’t remember much from this day but I’m pretty sure it went beach, beer, sleep.  Jamie even slept on the ground in the living room because three people in one bedroom raises the temperature significantly.

Update: Amy reminded me of the stellar sandwich deli we ate at in Naples.  
We had just finished lounging on the beach and called Todd for a reco (that’s for you A and J) to a healthy lunch restaurant.  Without hesistation he guided us to Jason’s Deli.  Normally, I don’t put much stock in other people’s preferences so I had no expectations as I placed an order for a Ranchero Wrap.  When our food arrived and we began to eat, each of was pleasantly surprised.  It was so good we returned the following day before heading to Key West.  I honestly believe this a golden franchising opportunity for Portland.  If only I had access to the 1 mil in capital they recommend.


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