Florida 2009: Day 3

May 22

In the wee hours of the morning after a long and expensive night of clubbing, Amy, Jamie, I stumbled into a 24hour Walgreens to purchase some much uneeded junk food.  While checking out and in a drunken stupor, I told the store clerk, “Man, I gotta get out of Miami.”  He pointed West and responded dryly, “You’re in Miami Beach.  Miami that way.”  Check.

Amy forced to me wake up much sooner than normal.  Seriously, who wakes up before noon when on vacation?  But I digress.  Since, I am slow to rise and generally averse to cleaning by the time I was fully awake, the girls had mostly picked up our condo.  Thanks girls!  We stopped by Starbucks, for some energy, then grabbed a bite to eat at a nearby deli and we were off.  Smell ya’ later SoBe, hello Naples.

Todd and Kim were gracious enough to let us use their condo/unsold home in Naples.  Arriving in Naples around dinner time, we decided to shower up and check out the Naples night life.  There may not have been much furniture in the condo but seriously who is gonna hang out in doors when you have a beach within 10 mins?

Naples was the polar opposite of Miami.  In an attempt to be politically correct, it wasn’t exactly the most “diverse” city I’ve visited.  In fact, according to Wikipedia, the population makeup is: 92.50% White.  We strolled along Fifth Ave and stopped at a restaurant which claimed to be “the best Thai/Japanese restaurant in Naples.”  The competition must be fierce in that category.

Jamie couldn’t decide between white or red wine.  Amy wasn’t so indecisive.

After dinner we walked back towards our car and I noticed gentlemen smoking cigars and the girls noticed people enjoying ice cream.  We all began to experience cravings.  I found a store that carried my favorite cigar, Joya de Nicaragua Antano.  I love capping off dinner with dessert and a full bodied cigar.

As I was finishing my cigar, a snotty 12 year old was walking by with his friends and he shouted, “Cigars are bad for you!”  I was shocked and caught off guard, all I could muster was, “NO THEY’RE NOT!”  To which he replied, “Yes they are.  They give you cancer!”  Touche young lad.  Only later did I think of a better reply.  It would have went something like this.

Snotty kid: Cigars are bad for you!
Fredrick: Your mom wishes you were never born!

Fredrick 1, Snotty kid 0.

Later that evening we returned to the condo to find this.  Without A/C we were forced to sleep at a temperature slightly above comfortable.


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