Guangzhou 2009: Day 6

In celebration of Chinese New Year, I was invited to join other IT folks from the Guangzhou office in a traditional Chinese “hot pot” dinner.  I was told by the local IT Director, that the restaurant we were dining at was the most famous in Guangzhou.

The dinner started with soup with vegetables, maybe mushrooms, in it and tea.  I’ve come to realize that tea is to Chinese restaurants like water is to American restaurants.  The main courses included almost nothing recognizable.  About nine times I asked Archer, “What is this?”  When it comes to food I’m not the most adventurous person but I do believe in experiencing the culture when you are traveling in an unfarmiliar country.  So I dug in and tried eel (chopped but whole with skin and all), chicken and goat intestines, peanut covered beef, bao, and other foods that I couldn’t name.  The one food I could not bring myself to try were the chicken feet.  I almost had myself convinced it might taste good, then I saw the talon.  No matter how much Cholula I soaked it in, I don’t think I can eat something like this.

Aftwards, we walked to an establishment where we rented a couple rooms which contained tables, for cardplaying, and TVs.  Beer and snacks were sold at the front desk.  There were many other rooms with people playing cards, drinking, smoking, and socializing.  It looked like a popular place to wind down after the work week.


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