Guangzhou 2009: Day 5


My coworker Archer, invited me to play soccer with him in a sort of pickup league.  The gym was the fifth story of an old apartment building.  Two things I should have done before playing: I should have practiced a little before jumping in because I sucked and really embarrassed my heritage and secondly, I think a little stretching would have helped since I woke up with an extremely tight lower back.  I could barely stand the morning after.

We took the subway then walked through a food market to get to the soccer gym.  The food market fascinated me as every inch of this confined area was filled with vendors selling fresh fruit, tea, spices, vegetables, and assorted meats and seafood.  It reminded me a bit of Pike Place in Seattle.  I decided to snap a picture to document the experience.  Just as I was taking the picture a woman noticed that I was aiming right at her (although she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time).  You can see she wasn’t too happy.  She scurried up to me afterwards and yelled at me in Chinese.  I just smiled and nodded.


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