I’m an idiot

Last weekend I was in Denver for a bachelor party.  The party included all of the requirements such as, $100 steak dinner, pilgrimage to strip club, way too much drinking, and even a 100m sprint at 3am in the morning.  When I arrived at the airport on Sunday to leave, I realized that I had somehow booked a flight for Monday.  Looking back, I realize now why the last minute plane ticket was so cheap.  Anywho, I was forced to pay a $150 change fee and catch a flight through Sioux Falls, SD.  At least I wasn’t hungover during my nearly 6 hour return trip (delays and layovers included).

Side note:  Apparently during one of the nights in Denver, I stopped to ask a police officer a question.

Me: “Do you know where I can go to meet some new people at this time of the night?”

Officer: “Yeah, De-tox.”

Me: “Oh yeah?  Where’s that?”

Officer: “11th and Colorado.”

Silly me, I thought it was the name of a club.


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