Pseudo names

I think it’s common practice for Chinese employees working for American companies to use pseudo names.  My colleague in China goes by Archer while his birth name is Wenliang.  I suspect it’s common for other parts of the World as well (i.e. India – correct me if I’m wrong Deaver).  Most Chinese people I’ve interacted with use fairly farmiliar American names but I came across one today that certainly won’t be cracking the Top 10 baby names list very soon: Jelly.

I started wondering what I might re-name myself.  Blanket?  No, Michael Jackson beat me to that name.  Toaster, maybe?  Seriously, I wouldn’t be able to control myself if I had to answer the phone.  Or I can steal an idea from Daniel Tosh and name myself Thisishowcanihelpyou.  Here’s how it would play out.

Phone rings.

Me: This is Thisishowcanihelpyou how can I help you?

[Note: I’m guessing that went over like a fart in church.  Listen to Daniel Tosh – True Stories I Made Up.  Then It will be funny.]


One thought on “Pseudo names

  1. The folks in India only do that when they work in a Call Center, in other office environments they use their given names. One of my favorite Indian given names: Atul Buhol. The Chinese use the Western names in all IT work. Favorite Chinese Western name: Kim Kong, real first name Jinxing.

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