Please Wipe

As computer security professional, I have an uncommon perspective on privacy.  Most people assume privacy is something that only pertains to their home or other similarly protected areas.  However, I don’t know anyone famous enough to warrant paps lurking around their home.  What most people should be concerned with, is their privacy as it relates to their data.  I’m not going to lecture about how to stay secure, protect your online identity, or encrypt your data but I will offer one tip: Please Wipe.

When you sell your old computer, wipe your hard drive.  When you sell your old cell phone, wipe your phone memory/card.  There is a huge difference between simply deleting a file and securely wiping it.  Most computer users have no idea of the difference or even care for that matter.  But know that there are many individuals that seek out other peoples data, mostly out of curiosity (“I wonder what’s on this?”) but sometimes for financial gain (bank account numbers, passwords, etc.).

I recently purchased a used cell phone off eBay.  When I received the phone, the previous owner had done a decent job of deleting contacts and messages but still left some data behind.

It’s acceptable to wear sunglasses inside, only if you are Jack Nicholson.

Guess this video explains the makeup on the keypad.


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