If I ever have children…

I hope to God they have a Y chromosome.  I don’t think I would survive the tween years, filled with performances by Hannah Montana and this group (which performed on the Today show this morning).  On a related note, does anyone else want to scratch their eyes out rather than watch Hoda and Kathy Lee?


One thought on “If I ever have children…

  1. Oh my god…this AWFUL girl band just happened to be on the Pacific Today feed right after I read your post. First thot, if by some act of god the Cliquegirlz actually find success, they have Lindsay Lohan drama written all over them. Secondly, I think Addilyn could sing better than those 3 brats. Lastly, if you type “clickgirlz” (yes, not their actual spelling) into google, you’ll get a funny ‘Did you mean’ suggestion from Google.

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