Years ago when I was in high school, a new restaurant opened in Salem, OR named Old Chicago.  Old Chicago quickly became a popular hang out; we frequented it after football games and other school events.  However, it wasn’t long before they were busted for serving alcohol to minors and were forced to close (at least, that’s what I heard).  But before they shuttered their doors for good, a waitress gave me a half-gallon glass jug.  There aren’t many uses for a jug like this but it does work well as a loose change holder.

Fast forward to the present and you’ll notice I’ve finally filled this jar to the brim.  And actually, I’ve already cashed it in.  The jar consisted of only dimes, nickles, and pennies (I used the quarters for laundry).  Anyone want to take a stab at the total take?  I’ll post the Coinstar printout in a few days.


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