Letting go

I was doing some summer cleaning this weekend – uncluttering my small apartment mostly – and I decided it was time to toss out the stack of Playboy’s that had slowly accumulated on a shelf in my bathroom. I’m not entirely certain why, but I found myself struggling with disposing of them. Maybe this all stems from my childhood, when finding a nudie magazine was rare. And since you didn’t know when you might find the next one, they tended to be kept and hidden like a pirate’s chest. But I’m an adult now (I’m pretty sure 30 qualifies as an adult) and I have a subscription to Playboy so I guess I really don’t need a stack of year-old Playboy’s. I did consider littering the neighborhood with these gems in hopes that junior high boys might find them and I could complete the circle but in the end I made the responsible decision and simply placed them in a box for the garbage man to collect.


One thought on “Letting go

  1. Maybe the reason you wait so long behind garbage trucks is because they continue to find old Playboys.

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