Where can you find 40 sweaty men and 1 woman?

I tested out a new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym last night and was pretty impressed.  The facilities are above average, the attendance was good, and the price is excellent for the quality of instruction.  I haven’t rolled in a little over year due to my knee surgery.  And although I still have pain in my knee I’ve decided I’ll just deal with it since I’m itching to train (in all honesty, I need to return to the doc to see why it still isn’t completely healed).

The instructors take a somewhat unique approach to beginners.  They require each student to complete 30 class sessions before they allow live wrestling – unless it’s with a blue belt or higher.  I’m not used to 20 minutes of warm-up followed by 40 minutes of basic drilling so I was initially put off.  An instructor spoke with me after noticing I wasn’t a complete beginner and mentioned that since I’ve trained before that I didn’t have to go through all 30 beginner classes.  Since my wrestling and BJJ is pretty rusty I plan to attend a month’s worth of beginner classes before live wrestling.

It was 90 degrees and humid last night and a BJJ gi is thick and heavy; imagine wearing running with a blanket wrapped around your shoulders.  Anywho, the class consisted of approximately 40 men and a sole woman.  And just to be clear I’m not sexist when it comes to BJJ.  I mean, you gotta respect a woman who has the confidence to compete in a heavily male dominated sport.

So where can you find 40 sweaty men and 1 woman?  At my new BJJ school.


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