Seacrest… er, Berning out!

A recap of my Oregon trip by the numbers, literally.

  • Days of rain: 5
  • Visits to strip clubs: 3
  • Hotness level of Thai food: 8 (this was the level chosen after it was revealed that the published 1-4 levels were not “Thai hot”)
  • Double shots of Tequila: 6 (possibly more, however my memory wasn’t working too well after the 6th)
  • Pieces my cell phone is in: 2
  • Collective years two of my friends hadn’t draken in: 7 (don’t worry they aren’t recovering alcoholics, they just have two children)

Thanks to everyone that came out to share a drink or two.  Special thanks go to:

  • Deaver, for letting me crash all week at his place, giving me a remote control for my entertainment system, and even coming through with a replacement cell phone for my broken one.
  • C-Dub, for the boat trip and tapping Owen’s (his son) college fund to cover some of our enormous bar bill.
  • Randy, for covering more than his fair share of the bar bill.

One thought on “Seacrest… er, Berning out!

  1. Hey you big jerk, isn’t against the rule to haze a dude when you are at his house!

    And yes, I blew my Vegas bill buying bottles of tequila at casa de matador.

    Hope you had a good time.

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