Lucky Geeks

I played in a small poker tournament tonight at the RSA Conference.  Although, there was no money involved the winner did receive a sexy glass trophy and a SlingBox.  I figured since I play over 20 hours a week, I should at least be the 3 or 4 seed.

Turns out that all my years of experience didn’t help one bit at this event.  Basically everything I’ve ever learned about poker went out the window against these players.  Many didn’t even know the hand rankings and 80% didn’t know how to bet or raise, let alone understand the reasoning behind these plays.

To make a long story short, I was on the small blind with AKs and raised 4 four limpers.  I was called by 99 and A7s.  I hit an A on the flop but A7s hit his flush on the river and I was all but decimated.

Even though there was no money involved I was still just as upset as when I have real cash at stake.  It was definitely a unique marketing technique and the event was very professional.  I suspected it would be some cheap card tables and crappy chips but it turned out that they hired the World Poker Tour crew to host the tourney.  They had actual felt tables, legitimate chips, and even the same dealers and tournament directors as on TV.  Definitely a cool experience and next year I guarantee a final table seat.


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