Last Saturday, Stacy and I saw Daniel Tosh at the Lakeshore Theater in Chicago.  I had originally planned to see him in Portland with Josh, last Fall, but I wasn’t able to work out a reasonable flight.  When I heard he would be in Chicago I bought tickets immediately.  It was good thing I did since the show we attended was sold out.  The theater even added another showing after ours, which also sold out.

We got to the venue before the doors opened at 6pm and waited in line outside.  The show didn’t start untill 7pm but our early arrival was rewarded with front row seats.  I sat there squirming with excitement – think tween at a Hannah Montana concert.  By the time Tosh took the stage I was out of beer and needed to pee but there was no way I was missing any of his set.  After the concert we took a picture with him and I dribbled a few words about how I talked to him over the phone after his Portland show.  He was confused and I was too starstruck to explain.


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