White people, always good for a laugh.

I eavesdropped on this conversation between a man and his in-laws over the weekend. They were white.

White Guy: “I flipped my car this weekend.”

White Dad: “Really? You didn’t hurt yourself?

White Guy: “No, I was really lucky, no injuries at all. I was just driving along and hit some black guys. I went into the ditch and the car flipped over.”

White Mom: With intense concern, “Oh my gosh, was anyone hurt?”

White Guy: “No, I told you I walked away completely unharmed.”

White Mom: Making sure not to speak too loudly and offend anyone she whispers, “What about the black guys? You said you hit some black guys.”

White Guy: “Black ice!. I hit black ice.”

I chuckled to myself and thanked God for making me mostly Mexican.


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