Turning the tables on H8R

Four or five years ago I made a friendly wager with H8R.  I believe the wager was over a college football bowl or something similar.  We wagered twenty.  The wager took place in Whistler, B.C.

Why all the backstory?  Because when two gentlemen enter into a wager, no matter where this wager is placed, the currency is safely assumed to be that of their home country.  However, I forgot a H8R will always look for an unfair advantage.  H8R lost the bet and unscrupulously paid me in Canadian dollars which at the time were trading at about 1.5 to 1 USD.  Since H8R paid me when we returned to the States, I faced the decision of finding a currency exchange and losing even more money with the exchange or just keeping the bill as a reminder of my superior gambling skills: I chose the latter.

Fast-foward 5 years, after I return from Munich.  I have about 25 euros leftover from the trip and since the dollar is so weak, I’m definitely exchanging my Euros for dollars.  Then I remember, I have a Canadian 20 dollar bill that has been slowly appreciating while stuffed between the proverbial mattresses.  I take it with me to the bank and exchange it along with my Euros netting a cool 19 USD. 

Take that H8R!


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