The thief next door.

I suspect that most people would not be happy to learn that they live down the hall from someone with the ability to open their locked apartment door with relative ease. However, that was certainly not the case when my neighbor locked herself out of her apartment.

After returning from work and changing, I left for the gym and noticed my neighbor fumbling with the lock on her door but thought nothing of it as I ran out of the building. An hour later, walking back from the gym, I saw a ladder outside of my building and someone trying to get into her apartment through the second story window. Inside I saw her still fumbling with her lock, this time with a credit card or similar lockpicking utility.

“Are you locked out of your place?”

“Yah,” she answered.

“I have some lockpicking tools. Do you want me to give it a try?”

“Are you serious? Oh my gosh, yes please!”

I’ve never seen someone go from dejected to relieved so quickly. I made sure to temper her excitement since I hadn’t picked a lock in about ten years.

“It’s been a long time but I’ll give it a try.”

After about twenty minutes of raking the lock (technical lockpicking term) I finally set all the pins (another lockpicking term) and the lock opened. Although, she was relieved to finally be back in her apartment, I was just as relieved. My ego wouldn’t have let me give up and I certainly didn’t want to spend all night picking her lock.


One thought on “The thief next door.

  1. A Mexican from Salem that can pick locks…you just can’t make that up!! Another thought comes to mind, WTF were you doing picking locks 10 years ago?!? Isn’t that when you lived in the Annex? You do realize Chicago’s finest will come knocking on your door after the next burglary in the building. But I’m sure it will have been worth impressing the local LP Trixie.

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