Eight hours in Business Class is like four hours in Coach.

Like most people without money to burn, I normally fly coach. The last time I flew Business or First was during a flight to Chicago when I was interviewing with Citadel. During trip from O’hare to Munich, I was reminded of how much better First/Business is than Coach.

Even before departing, Business Class ticket holders are reminded of how special they are with preferred boarding and champagne before takeoff. Once in the air, I was treated to my own entertainment system, a fully reclinable seat, and a tasty beverage: Warsteiner. After finishing my beer, or bier (that’s the only German I know), I was offered a warm towel to refresh. Next came dinner.

Dinner is where Coach is thoroughly outdone. For appetizers, I was torn between Pistachio Encrusted Shrimp and Smoked Duck Breast with Sweet Corn Flan and Salad with Cherry Vinaigrette; I chose the latter. Dinner was Grilled Atlantic Salmon with Celeriac Puree with Sweet Pea and Fava Bean Jus with a glass of Chardonnay to wash it down. I had a choice of various desserts, after dinner, but was too full to enjoy them, so I passed. I rarely get much sleep in-flight but after this much food and beverage I slept much better.

The rest of the flight was pretty uneventful. I tried to sleep as much as possible since I knew I would be landing at 6am, Munich time, and my internal clock would be wrecked; however, I really didn’t accomplish my goal. My eyes may have been closed but I was only half asleep. It’s now ~9am here and I’m waiting unil my room is ready, which I’m told is at 10am.

The hotel seems nice but they are in serious need of a nutritionist. Here’s a picture of my breakfast. And believe it or not, I sampled only a couple of the sausage offerings!


One thought on “Eight hours in Business Class is like four hours in Coach.

  1. dude, way to get blog up and running. Buy some laderhosens when you are there. Nothing better than a mexican in traditional german clothing

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