Have webcam – Will travel

The next month should be interesting and likely exhausting.  Tomorrow, Stacy and I are driving five hours, from Chicago to Essexville, MI, to spend Thanksgiving with her family.   I’ve made this trip once before and it wasn’t fun.  I just pray the weather cooperates, I really don’t feel like turning an already long trip into a slow going nightmare.

After returning from Michigan on Friday, I leave for Unterhaching, Germany on Monday.  Unfortunately, I’m not there for pleasure but fortunately Wrigley is footing the bill.  The team I work on is global with two members in Chicago, one in Unterhaching, and finally one in Guangzhou, China.  I’ll be in Germany for nearly two weeks which should leave me a good amount of time to enjoy Munich.  Notice I say Munich and not Unterhaching.  According to those that have been there, “the sidewalks roll up at night.”  I suspect Unterhaching is to Munich as Canby is to Portland.  Since calls will be expensive while I’m overseas, I decided to revisit Skype.

Previously, I had no use for Skype and only used it to experiment with VoIP.  But during my trip, I plan to use Skype to make international calls back home and also to video chat.  I have a couple webcams and have been testing the voice and video quality.  While not perfect, the video quality is acceptable and the audio is excellent.  Feel free to Skype Me [berningf AT gmail DOT com] if you see me online.  The Skype software will allow you to see and hear me but you’ll need a headset and/or webcam to share in the fun.


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