Gum is good.

Life has been busy lately.  This past Monday, I started a new job as an Information Security Engineer at Wrigley.  And when I say Wrigley, I mean the gum manufacturer not Wrigley Field.

The transition to Wrigley has been smooth and I’m really enjoying my new role.  It’s significantly different from closerlook though.  In fact, the two companies and roles couldn’t be more different. 

At closerlook, I handled everything from facilities maintenance to servers and network devices.  At Wrigley, I deal only with those things that fall in the Information Security realm such as firewalls, IDS’s, viruses, researching emerging threats, etc.  While the scope of devices is smaller, the scope of responsibility is much larger.  closerlook was just one location while Wrigley has offices in over three dozen countries.  I’m excited about this opportunity and I’ll keep my blog updated as I get acclimated.


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