Good move East!

I was hoping to be back in town to catch Daniel Tosh, with Josh and Bradi, at the Crystal Ballroom but unfortunately flight tickets were too expensive.  For those who haven’t heard of Daniel Tosh, do yourself a favor and go buy his DVD.  Think Dane Cook only way more funny and not a douche.

Josh, being the h8r that he is, called me after the show to brag about how good it was.  I was busy watching UFC and missed the call.  When I returned Josh’s call, I could hear the noise of the Crystal Ballroom bar in the background.  As Josh was recounting the show, he suddenly said, “Hold on.”  Then I heard a voice that sounded very farmiliar.  It was Daniel Tosh!  I was a little tipsy from drinking and I mentioned to him that I had plans to see him in Michigan, to which he replied, “I was just there dude; get a better computer.”  My own personal improv joke/diss!  Even though, I wasn’t there, at least I was lucky enough to get dissed by my comedic idol.


One thought on “Good move East!

  1. A side note on this story is that a whiskey-laden Kampp told ‘David’ Tosh how great his show was, and offered to buy him a drink. Tosh, not even bothering to correct him for calling him David, declined saying he was hooked up ‘over there’ and quickly walked away. Thanks to Kampp for blowing our one chance to get wasted with a celeb.

    Kampp claims this was his attempt to ‘take him down a couple pegs.’

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